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See Diatribe Live at the Following Dates. Stay Tuned for More Information or Changes.

Friday June 7th, we'll be at the Boat House in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Other great bands will be playing are as follows: A Process of Becoming, Diatribe, infandous, Shiver, and Malaise (formerly DefaceD).

Who: Kossuth AIM is hosting to get money to create a youth center in our town where we can have cool stuff like this some more
What: 1st Annual Founder's Day Battle of the Bands
When: July 12 at 7 pm
Where: Central Park- Algona, Iowa
How much: $3 to get in for 10 bands (currently 9 but still looking to fill that spot)
Order of Bands as Follows:
7:10 8 miles out
7:40 Ball 5
8:10 Diatribe
8:40 Carrier
9:10 Flight Simulator
9:40 (had a drop here so waiting to fill in)
10:10 Corky Guru
10:40 Martyr
11:10 Infadous
11:40 Altered Mind
12 annouce winner

Wednesday, August 14th, we will be at the Boat House in Cedar Falls. Many great bands are playing. We will be playing alongside infandous, the Bloodening, BoyWunder, and HORSE the Band (nintendocore from California). More info will be up as the day gets closer.

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