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5/21/02 - We will be recording a demo cd with PMD Productions in late July. We will have roughly 6 or 7 songs on this demo. Also, a new logo and artwork for our CD will be up shortly. Thanks (Mo) Joe.

5/13/02 - We had a fun time playing last night at the Boat House. Special thanks to Andy "Long Hair" Grooms for putting this on.

5/08/02 - We are almost finished with a brand new song. It's called "Twenty-Nine Years from Tomorrow... 12:30pm Sharp." We will hopefully be playing this for you at the Boat House show on Mother's Day. Also, new equipment for the band just arrived. We will be a little louder from now on if you don't mind.

5/04/02 - We had our first "show" with Goat last night. He did an amazing job. It was a "different" environment for us to play in last night. So we'd like to "apologize" to anyone we have "offended."

4/24/02 - Diatribe would like to welcome Preston "Goat" Werner into the band. Goat is a very talented and gifted song writer and musician. We feel he is what the band needs right now, and we are glad that he is with us.

4/22/02 - We now have CD's available for $3 and stickers for 50 cents.

4/20/02 - Diatribe would like to say good-bye to long time friend and vocalist Ryan Topliff. Ryan is always a fun kid to be around, and we will always remember those times. We will continue to project Ryans emotions through all of our songs that he wrote. We will continue to make music. But more importantly, we will continue to love Ryan as much as before.
~~We Love You Ryan

4/05/02 - Diatribe is sad to announce that Ryan Topliff's last show with us will be April 19th. It's hard for us to let him go, but it will hopefully be for the better.

3/30/02 - Today, Diatribe will begin recording our demo CD. It will feature the following songs: Epitaph, Hallucinations, Nothing, and Loved to Death. Hopefully it will be out within the next week or so. Also, we will be making stickers that will be on sale for 50 cents each.

3/26/02 - Diatribe would like to end all rumors circluating around the area. We do have an addiction to Chinese Sky Candy. (fire-works) If you got a problem with that, you can eat a fat one.

3/19/02 - Our show at the Reverb last night/this morning was awesome. We had fun playing there. Pictures will be up shortly. Thanks Peter! Special thanks to Luke, John, and Chad of the new infandous. Also, infandous' last show with their current bassist Preston (Goat) Werner is Thursday, March 21st, 2002. It's at their school North Tama, in Traer. It's a free show. Go if you can!

3/12/02 - Added a handful of shows on the shows page. Be sure to check it out. Also, posted more pictures from Rock Stock. There's a few special pictures featuring the boys from infandous. Thanks Luke, John, and Preston!

3/09/02 - Diatribe would like to thank eveyone who came out to Rock Stock on Thursday. It was very fun, and we hope to play there again next year. Special thanks to Adam Corwin for taking the pictures. You're the man! Also, our site will be under going some reconstruction over the next week. We will have all the pictures up from Rock Stock for you to see.

3/05/02 - Diatribe is looking for somebody to do art work for our first demo that will be coming out later this year. If you would like to give us a concept drawing or know someone who might want to, please, let us know. Thank you!

2/28/02 - Added new links on our links page. Made a few other changes through out the site. First day of posting the day of the updates!